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Articole ştiinţifice (mai mult de 1500 pagini)

  • analiza apei'Methodological guide for validating analytical systems', 'The quality of bottled drinking water', 'Identifying specific risks connected with the quality of drinking water distributed through urban and rural public systems', 'Examining and monitoring bottled natural mineral water', 'The heavy metal content of drinking water sources in the pottery area of Corund village', 'Comparative study concerning the quality of natural mineral waters from the region of the eastern Carpatians, for alimentary consumption and curative purposes', ;Registering bathing resorts in function, monitoring the composition of mineral waters for spa therapy in Mures county', 'Study of the protection perimeter, flow, usage, as well as microbiological analysis of spring waters on the territory of Tg. Mures'
  • testarea alergologică a unor produse din mediul muncii: ‘A study for introducing a guide concerning the circulation of pharmaceutical products in hospitals’, ‘A study of physico-chemical factors and pharmaco-kinetics of controlled release of active ingredients from pharmaceutical products with endovaginal destination used in pre- and post-menopausal therapy’
  • Biotoxicologie: ‘Study of the haematological and biotoxicological parameters of blood samples taken from active smokers in comparison with passive smokers and non-smokers’, ‘Quantitative identification and biotoxicologic study of mandelic acid in biological products sampled from workers, who are in environment polluted with ethylbenzen’, ‘Studying and working out a quantitative method for measuring chlorbutanol using the gc-ecd method with capillary column’
  • psihologie şi sociologie‘Study concerning different ways of psychological confrontation with  cancer’, ‘Characteristics of professional satisfaction and attitude towards work of a group of teachers from Târgu-Mureş’, ‘Analysis of risk factors in the activity of computer operators’, ‘Investigation of socio-professional stress and the Burnout syndrome in employees’, ‘Study of domestic environment and of educational climate, essential factors in children’s personality building’, ‘A study about 5-8-year-old children’s visual perception’, ‘Study of the family environment and educative climate, essential factors in the development of a healthy child’s personality’
  • medicina muncii‘Observations relating to the results of working ability examinations’, ‘Stress factor, occupational bronchial asthma and global obstructive lung disease of occupational aetiology’, ‘Occupational hazards in artistic activities and the evaluation of their impact on the health of the exposed ones’, ‘A study of employee’s exposure to occupational noxae and the level of monitoring their state of health in Mures county’
  • medicina mediului‘Evaluation of Tg. Mures population’s exposure to atmospheric pollutants (lead, dust) due to road traffic and making people aware of the risk of exposure to pollutants’, ‘Chemical, physical, bacteriological parameters and pollution sources of the Mures river and its tributaries in the area of Mures county’, ‘Dioxines – risk factors for human health’, ‘Evaluation of people’s health and study of the risk linked to the exposure to potentially dangerous household substances’, ‘Evaluation of lead exposure and its impact on the health of private potter families from Corund, Harghita county’, ‘A comparative study concerning mushroom intoxications in children from Mures, Satu Mare and Harghita county in the 1991-2000 period’, ‘Study concerning the extent in which the soil, water and vegetables are loaded with chemical substances in the area of the chemical factory from Tarnaveni, as well as the impact of these substances on the population’s health’, ‘Study of methaemoglobinaemia cases in Mures county between 1995-2000’
  • igiena alimentară‘Study and screening of some chemical food contaminants: metals and metalloids, pesticide residues, nitrates, nitrites from meat and milk products manufactured and sold in Mures county’, ‘Study concerning the additives from different groups of food’, ‘Study of alimentation and nutrition state in children collectivities’, ‘Study of eating habits and lifestyle as risk factors for osteoporosis in adults’, ‘The role of neurohormones in nutrition disorders of children and adolescents’, ‘The role of food additives in inducing/aggravating allergic diseases’, ‘Quantitative determination of food additives from the group of preservatives and colours in soft drinks’
  • epidemiologie‘Using some methods of molecular biology in environmental epidemiology surveys’, ‘Epidemiological aspects of tuberculosis in Mures county between 1994-2001’, ‘An epidemiologic study of new gonorrhoea and syphilis cases in Mures county in 2005’, ‘Epidemiologic study of new cases of breast cancer’, ‘The prevalence of hepatitis b virus infection in patients with sexually transmitted diseases’
  • microbiologie‘Fatty acid determination and identification from the microbian cell membrane’, ‘Herpes virus infections in systemic lupus erythematosus’, ‘The contribution of Epstein-Barr virus to the etiology of systemic lupus erythematosus’

Certificate de calitate şi descrierea unor produse (din limba engleză şi maghiară în limba română)

  • Afedim extract de plantă medicinală
  • Béres Actival supliment de nutriţie
  • Humet-R sirop
  • Kneipp produse cosmetice şi wellness
  • Moschito uleiuri esențiale repelente împotriva țânțarilor

Lucrări ştiinţifice

  • Dr. Nagy Ágnes:Structura europeană a supravegherii financiare în condițiile recomandărilor Raportului de Larosiere – A pénzügyi felügyelet európai struktúrája a de Larosiere jelentés értelmében (24 pagini traducere din limba română în limba maghiară)
  • Dr. Nagy Ágnes:Az euróra való áttérés gazdaságpolitikai és technikai feltételeinek teljesítése – The Fulfillment of Economic Policy and Technical Criteria of Transition to the Euro (Realizarea politicii economice şi îndeplinirea criteriilor tehnice ale tranziţiei la Euro) (12 pagini, traducere din limba maghiară în limba engleză)
  • Albert-Lőrincz Csanád:Romanian Pediatric Patient’s Rights in European Context (conspectul lucrării de doctorat) (9 pagini, traducere din limba română în limba engleză)
  • Albert-Lőrincz Csanád:The right to medical information of pediatric patients (11 pagini, traducere din limba română în limba engleză)
  • Dr. Nagy Ágnes:Importanța deciziilor de politică monetară din punct de vedere al trinității imposibile (13 pagini, traducere din limba engleză în limba română)
  • Dr. Nagy Ágnes:A pénzügyi elemzés aktuális problémái (15 pagini, traducere din limba română în limba maghiară)
  • Dr. Jeszenszky Ferenc, Liana David, Felicia Lirca, Molnár Zita:The evaluation methodology of community health workers’ training course in the project entitled „Promotion of social inclusion through developing human and institutional resources of community health care” (13 pagini, traducere din limba română în limba engleză)


  • Dr. Domahidi János:A környezet rizikótényezői (Factori de risc ale mediului)Corectura lucrării de doctorat în limba maghiară (201 pagini)
  • Facultatea de Științe Tehnice și Umaniste a Universității SapientiaCorectura traducerii în limba engleză a website-ului


  • Bantta Annamária:„Stargate” or Alternative Tourism – Traditional Frottage Exhibition (traducerea prezentării unei expoziții de artă plastică din limba maghiară în limba engleză)


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